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Volume 3


l'épisode Kafka

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Le thème de l'histoire est inspiré par la nouvelle "La Métamorphose" de Franz Kafka : une belle, fragile jeune fille devient un vampire/monstre (schizophrénie) suite à une torture prolongée infligée par son père usant de magie noire. [ NDT : SPOILER à partir d'ici ] Et quoi qu'elle tente pour échapper à cette souffrance via ses métamorphoses, les tragédies la poursuivent et vont la détruire jusqu'à la mort. Même son petit frère (l'héritier de leur immense château) va se sacrifier pour elle...

Ci-dessous les scans du chapitre 1 :
Note - Ces pages proviennent du volume 3 chinois de "Comte Cain", tous droits réservés à son auteur "Kaori Yuki" et l'éditeur. S'il y a une quelconque violation de droits, contactez-moi svp, merci !

Lire de droite à gauche svp

[ NDT : dans la VF, "Dickie" s'appelle "Dark", et le château de "Windsor" est appelé "Weatherby". ]


Dans l'encadrement est cité un extrait de "La Métamorphose" :
Un matin, au sortir d'un rêve agité, Grégoire Samsa s'éveilla transformé dans son lit en une véritable vermine. - Franz Kafka -

A chambermaid holding a just-born baby rushing in, she passes Cain . . .

A voice : "This child which brings disasters was finally born."
"With black feathers and blood drippings, this child comes into the world. "

Cain saw many people are in hurry, carrying their belongings to flee ...
The voice continues, "This bloody cursed child was born at last."

A pregnant woman <Cain's mother> is screaming and crying," No -----, Please ----. Do Help Me.... I don't want it! God! Please pity me . . . . "

A woman walks towards Cain <Cain treats this woman as his mother, but he doesn't know that she in fact is her step mother> angrily, "Cain . . . You . . . "
The woman is trying to kill Cain with a scythe
"I don't want you to be born --------"

Cain (so scared), "Mama ------"

Cain runs towards his father for help...
Cain: "Father. . . Father !"
Alexis <Cain's father>, lit his pipe, holding Cain tightly, "Cain . . . Never forget this, Cain. That you will never get felicity . . . You never gain any love for the rest of your life. And you will die alone, lonely alone . . . !"

Alexis holds a whip and looks at his own son greedy, "Cain . . . is the name of the first murder of mankind" He then whips Cain
Cain: "Father ! "

A hand caught Cain's hand... a voice: "Come Here!"
"That nightmare eats your soul up !" "You can't be caught !"
Cain in doubt , "Who is it ?"
"Come Here ", the voice from a shinning bright place keeps on voicing. . .

Cain (thinks): "Whose hand is it . . . Whose . . . "

Suddenly, he saw Riff and a man looking at him
Riff (in joy) : "Master Cain, you're awake ! You have had a very high fever for the whole 2 days. What do you feel now ?" "Miss Merryweather is so worrying . . . "

Merryweather rushes into her elder brother's room
Cain :" Don't Come Closer !" , he then asks the doctor ,"Is it a transmitted disease ?"
The doctor :" No, it's just that you are too exhausted. "
Cain (with arms open to welcome his little sister): " Come Here !"

Merryweather (in a happy tune) : "Brother Cain !"

Cain suddenly discovered that a stranger is in his room.
Cain: " Who is this guy ?"
The Doctor (in embarrassment): " You have forgotten?" He looks at Merryweather and says , "I've never known that the Hargreaves has such an adorable little girl, Earl !"
He then continue, "We Disraeli's is the family doctor of Hargeaves. My father retired last year and I succeeded his position. "

Cain (still can't figure out what's going on ) " . . . . . . "
Cain: " I know him not. Throw him away ."
Doctor: "Earl ----!!"
The servants try to make the doctor leave the room . . .

The Doctor shows his scar to Cain, "Look! Remember that when we were kids, we used to play together and this scar was left because of the accident !"

Cain tries to recall . . . little Cain and little Jezebel <the doctor> were playing . . .
Little Jezebel, "It's too high. I can't get that hat!"
Little Cain kicks little Jezebl and says ," I don't care! Go to get it ! "

Cain: "Oh, yeah! I remember now!"

Cain : "Jezebel , the one who is afraid of heights! And so, you hurt yourself with a broken leg and arm, and was heavily stung by bees,"
Dr. Jezebel (a reRiff): "Thanks for your remembrance. What an unforgettable memory . . . "
Cain (keeps on teasing Jezebel): "And your long hair drove your father nuts! What's more, and for that doctor, he in fact was a Sleepy."
Dr. Jezebel: "You are such -----" changed the subject and says, "So, you are awakened and get changed now !"

Cain (very anxious and a in outrageous), "Don't touch me! I can do it myself!"
Dr. Jezebel: " . . . but, you need an injection."
Cain: "Call Riff to do it ! Riff! Tell them to go away !"
Riff:"Yes -----"

All left Cain's room and are now waiting outside.
Dr. Jezebel:" He's never changed . . . Nobel is Nobel . . " He then realizes his wordings may upset Merryweather, he says :" Oh! Sor.. Sorry !"
Merryweather (worries and thinks):" Elder brother is very strange! He hates people looking at his body. Or, is there any difficulty that he can't tell me? Even me . . . "

In Cain's room , Riff is helping Cain to get change. . .
Cain: "Who helped me get changed . . . "
Riff (comforts his master):" It's me! Young Master. Don't worry. No one saw that."

On the mirror, Cain's heavily whipped back is clearly shown <when he was a kid, his father used to whip him>

Cain: "I . . . dreamt Father! "
Riff buttons up Cain's shirt and Cain keeps on murmuring:
"And mother, and Auntie Augusta <Cain's real mother, his father told him she was his auntie and he prohibited Cain saw her. She was sent into asylum. She became crazy after giving birth to Cain. She at last committed suicide.. for the details, please read the story "Voice of the Youth Birth"> Father said all these happened because of me, . . It seems like . . . the past is back . . . Is it you . . . who held my hand ?"

Riff:" What I can do is . . . always by your side."
Cain:" That's Good. . . just like the air - always by my side."
A chambermaid is watching behind.

In the garden, Cain is reading and his little sister is playing tennis. Dr. Jezebeli is now persuading Cain . . .

Cain: "A Health Resort !?"
Dr. Jezebel: "Yes! The urban air is not good that you can't recover quickly. Suburb air is more fresher and it's good to health. I have people who owns an inn in the suburb . . . "
Cain (feels a bit annoying): "Just hearing this already made me sick . "
Dr. Jezebel (tries his best to arise Cain's interest): "Merryweather may probably get bored here! In London, there exist interesting cases like murderers, killings ---- Additionally, it also has the Legendary Vampire Castle. . . "

Hearing the word "Vampire", Merryweather is excited, "Elder brother, let's go there!"
Cain (thinks): "I don't want any vampire --------"

A Train runs towards the suburb.
In the cart, Cain and Dr. Jezebel are chatting . . .

Cain (in surprise): " What?"
Dr. Jezebel: "My purpose is to let you leave your house. What I've done are for the benefits of the Hargreves' " he continues (in a serious tune) "You fainted not because of exhaustion. But someone in your house is poisoning you ! I'm now examining the components of the poisons ." "The Hargreaves' keen on their competitions via poisoning. And for me . . . my survival is for protecting you. You must pay attention - even to "the one whom you trust most" . . ."
Cain (thinks) "The One I Trust Most . . . "
Dr. Jezebel (leaves the cart and says): "No matter what, I have the very duty to protect my master. This is our family mission ! "

Cain (alone in the cart) thinks: " For what reasons? That I feel so insecure. . . likes a droplet falls onto a calm lake and expands. With the continuously Moon Eclipse, I feel smoothing will soon happened bloody . . . This trip bears a poison feeling . . . "

They finally arrived the suburb and now, they are on their way to an Inn house .

Merryweather (with joy): "WAH ! ~ Flower fields ! So Beautiful ------"
Dr. Jezebel: "Doesn't she hate suburbs?"
Cain: "Yes . ." murmurs and admire "Such an adorable fellow." And he suddenly thinks of his worries.... "but... forget that... seeing such a charming smile, all the troubles are driven away . . "

In the Inn House, the hostess welcomes their arrival.
The hostess: "Earl! Welcome here! It's been a long time."

The hostess :"The Vampire Legend ? I hate it. Especially recently, mysterious murders happened and we don't want to talk about this."
Dr. Jezebel: "Murder? In this villa? Really, Auntie?"
The hostess continue , "It's doing fine in the day time, but, if one goes out in the night, he would probably be found dead with fang mark left on the neck and blood sucked up . . .


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